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Our Organization offers expert advice on the South African visa application process for all your Study Visas , Work Permits, Spousal Visas and Business Investment Visas to mention but a few. We appreciate the fact that going through the process can be nerve wrecking therefore it is our goal to make the experience simple and straight forward for all our valued clients.

Critical Skills Permit

A Critical Skills work visa may be issued to a person who possesses skills or qualifications deemed as critical and which has been set forth in the Government Gazette. A critical skills work visa shall be issued for a period of up to five years

Study Permit

South African study visa allows a foreign national to reside in South Africa whilst studying at a

South African institution of primary, secondary or tertiary education. A study visa can cover a range of educational disciplines and even include practical training as well as internships pertaining to the field of study in some cases.

Business Permit

A Short-term Business Visa, also known as a Sec 11(2) Visa, may be issued to a person who wishes to come to South Africa for a period of up to ninety days. The individual will be allowed to conduct business related activities during this period.

Relative Permit

The South African relative visa is available to the biological or adoptive children or biological or step-parents of South African citizens or permanent residents.

Spousal Permit

A spousal visa can be issued in the case of immigration to South Africa when a husband or wife of a South African citizen or permanent residence holder wishes to immigrate to South Africa.

Permanent Residence Permit

Permanent Residency may be applied for by a person that holds a critical skills work visa or has been Married to a South African citizen for at least 5 years.

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